Slab Serif


Need help identifying this font, thanks!


Logo? More letters? Approx. date?

That logo is all I have unfortunately.

OK Chris. I'll treat it as a logo.
This could be made by editing Neue Aachen Std Bold Italic
For h, modify the lhs by clipping the base serifs, modify the rhs by replacing the bottom of the stroke with a copy of the bottom of the stroke on t. For i, do the same replacement. For s, narrow the terminal width by perhaps one-third. For w, use a copy of the new i for the lhs and extend the tail in a sweeping stroke upwards at about 45 degrees, repeat for the center stroke and clip off the upper serif, draw a new rhs stroke.
All this is unncessary if someone finds a match.

It’s Jubilat designed by Joshua Darden.

Good find Akira! I'm happy nobody has to go through my little editing exercise.

Awesome thanks!