Lincoln Vintage Cars Logo typeface



Lincoln has long used logoscripts. The originals were done by designers familiar with the Palmer style of penmanship. Note that the slope is very inclined from the vertical. For a font in that style see Filmotype Yukon as well as fonts descended from Bickham Script
I am not certain whether this version of the Continental logoscript is still based on an original handwritten effort or wheter it is taken direct from a font.
In any event, it is fairly close to Profont's Sonata which is not quite as deeply inclined as the logoscript.
Similars: Classic Script MN Antique Spenserian Flemish Script Filmotype Zeal

Agree with Don. Some I like, different style: Sudtipos Mr Canfields, Mr Sheffield, Mr Blaketon, Mrs Robertson, Herr Von Muellerhoff and Monsieur La Doulaise, Lilac, Savoir Faire