typography in Europe in 1940s

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typography in Europe in 1940s


I've been working on a project about fashion in France in 1940-44. It's supposed to look modern and contemporary, but still I want some kind of a subtle connection to the proper period.

During research I realized that while I have quite a definite idea on how the '30s, '50s or '60s typography looked, it's not that obvious with the '40s. Also it's more difficult to find examples of the '40s in typography, of course there are lots of movie titles, bit it's not Europe...
I assumed that in the middle of the World War II there wasn't too much space for designing new typefaces, so they probably used mainly what was designed earlier. But what about trends?

I know these were the times of hand lettering and brush scripts were popular, but it's not enough.
I thought about some references to the Art Deco lettering, especially that it fits to the fashion subject. It seems to me that this trend was still present in the '40s, but I would be grateful for the opinion from people who know more than me.
What do you think?

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Super Veloz was released in 1942 and was sold in France, among other places. It matches the fashion theme and is available in digital form (by Typerepublic) and yet isn’t overused.