Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue


I'm specifically looking for the WILSON typeface. Feel it ought to be easy but can't find an exact match.



Thought I recognized this, but haven't found it yet. It has to be a font designed before August 1977, the release date of the LP.
For WILSON the high blocky terminal S and parallel O fit Anzeigen Grotesk available since 1943, and Impact available since 1965 but the letters are wider. It would have been easy for the photolettering company to make it wider, as this was a common practice. But perhaps someone recognizes this as a letters from an unmodified old font.
The smaller thin letters, seem to be from a different font. Note the O has rounded not parallel sides.
BTW a contemporary digital font with a fairly good fit is Gusto Black

For 'DENNIS' and 'PACIFIC' at this size, you could easily go with Helvetica (1957, Neue is 1983).

Many thanks for your help.