Tall Rounded Typeface and others?

Closest fit Gravostyle from Optimo
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I really dig this combination that Sara DeBondt used in this piece.

Any ideas on all the type being used?

Couldn't find a larger image.

Thanks in advance!


For the "tall rounded" sans one, Gravostyle looks close but can't be positive for matching. Need to dig more.
For the 3 other bottom ones, I really couldn't tell at this size. The first line could be Helvetica Neue. The second line is a mix of a typewriter (Courier?) and serif, Italic and Bold (Times?).

Hi Ryuk, Gravostyle is an interesting choice but to my eye, the _A_ is a little too narrow, the _d_ looks a little too boxy and the tail on the l and t seem a trifle short. Optimo's design note: "Gravostyle is designed after the basic cut of the generic Swiss engraving font system." None of the engraving machine fonts for which I have samples are any closer. Anyway, I doubt anyone would notice if Gravostyle was used as a substitute.

Another one is Type 1451 LL but I don't think it matches either (some letters closer, some less). Actually, don't know many 'condensed rounded sans' with such a spurred single storey /a... Which finally could appear to be an alternate glyph...
It has also an architectural/engineering/Leroy Lettering feeling like Bryant Condensed, Planscribe, TGL 0-16, Rendering (no lowercases unfortunately) and so... A good one too is Simpliciter Sans.

Awesome finds all around. I found another image a bit smaller but it shows another title sequence.

Gravostyle seems to be the closest fit. Typ1451 is quite nice and also Simpliciter Sans are all good substitutes as well.

Thanks everyone!