Old serif typeface (before 1915)

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John Butler

The letters “A” (double-sided serif o top), “g”, „ß“ and the and the steep serifs on „b, d, l, h“ are very special.
This Typeface was used by a Munich publisher called Carl Kuhn, from at least 1915 through at least 1937.

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Lots of character, esp. the _g_. Care to share your source and approximate date, if you have this info.

The /g/ has a discernibly George Belwe-ish vibe to it...

George Belwe is a possibility. But about all I can say at this point is that I see cira 1910 as the design date. If we knew who Carl Kuhn used as type supplier -- Bauer, Berthold etc. -- we might be able to track it down, through the Klingspor Museum online publications or through specimen books.

The one in the large photo is Tiemann-Mediäval. Gerhard Helzel sells it. It’s on page 15 of his current specimen book:



Good find John! Gerhard Helzel is a great source for Germanic fonts, and not just for Tiemann-Mediaeval.

The quest to identify another example of Tiemann-Mediaeval in use is dealt with in http://typophile.com/node/82212. Note the reported satisfaction with the process of buying fonts from Gerhard Helzel.
Here is a sample text as shown at Mike Yanega's Bowfin Printworks http://bowfinprintworks.com/SerifGuide/sample.php?id=2&sample=txt#
Use the "Show Sample: ABC" to see the character set.

You can examine Helzel’s freeware Koch-Fraktur and Mars-Fraktur in FontLab, and you’ll find the outlines are very high quality. Helzel has been at it for a long time; I think he even uses or used Ikarus. Today I suspect it’s FontLab or DTL FontMaster, the latter being a spiritual successor to Ikarus.

Hello, good job. Thank you! You have my respect. Tiemann-Mediäval looks quite good. Thanks also for the links!

And a little icing for the cake. Tiemann-Mediaeval has been used by the German music publisher Edition Peters from 1917 or earlier until the present day:

Tradition! As well as a distinctive style.