Please help


Hi everyone,

Can you please help identifying the attached fonts?

Many thanks.


I hesitate to make a suggestion without knowing where this was photographed and the estimated date of the sign -- new or many years ago?

I think it's old Don, thanks.

This sign is on a wall in Copenhagen, so Danish. But judging by the orthography, it's quite old. Don't have the resources with me now to try to identify the type, unfortunately.

Just wanted to make certain that this was not some new "break the rules" font.
I love the quirks in the lettering, including an _r_ that I have not seen before. The heavy serifs on the _s_ -- Egyptian style -- are completely different from the other pointed wedge serifs -- Latin style. Some letters use a Didot style hairline for some of the strokes. Other letters are low contrast.
My opinion is that this is a local sign-painter's lettering which is not based on any particular font but has a little something for people with various tastes and is customized to resolve designl problems. Note in particular, the _g_ with the clipped lower bowl that fits directly over the top of _f_.