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Sub pixel font Threeadvanced

Here some new pictures of my font called Threeadvanced in its sub-pixel negative variant


I just got the pictures. Glad to see the new pictures of your font called Threeadvanced in its sub-pixel negative variant. Please update us with more issues.

Hey Mark!

Thanks so much for your interest.
I would love to inform you about new things but I am afraid there isn’t much at the moment. For I am a graphic designer to earn my money and at the moment I have quite a hard time to stand up.
I would need kind of a sponsor ;-) to keep on designing fonts for as you certainly know it is such an intense breath and time taking work. Yet, I still love it and will go on as soon as I can.
Maybe I am too much into web design right now. So hard to tell these times which direction is the right one to go.
Feel free however to comment everything. I promise to put more pictures here over the time.


New picture on my progress in sub pixel optimized Threeadvanced font.

Very much appreciated, John. Thanks!