Fonts used on a wedding invitation


Please help me identify the script font as well as the small caps font


Thought one of the font detectives who are aces on scripts would have found a match by now.
I note the swash variations of the final letters, so this might be from a "pro" font with alternates.
If nothing turns up you could consider substitutes such as Mayfair or Ballantines Script
As for the text it reminds me of designs by F.W. Goudy, or ATF circa 1910, particularly the leg on the R. See for example Goudy Bookletter 1911 LTC Village and Village Worth digging further.

Thanks Don for bringing up this one. I'm not a script expert but I think it's Samantha Script Italic by Samatha Worthington, using some stylistic alternates.
And for the text font, may be Poor Richard RR...

For the text another similar Edwardian

Hi Ryuk, that was quick! just checked a couple of the regular letters and they are a 100% match.

Thanks Don! I've also added a suggestion for the text one with Poor Richard.

Hi Ryuk, I can't see any mismatch with Poor Richard, it even has the spiked G shown in the image. So the invitation must be Poor Richard or another font based on the Keystone Foundry original. AFAIK there is no other digitization of it.

Regarding Poor Richard, there is also Richard Beatty's Benjamin.

Oh, and the Phil's Fonts version, as well.

Poor Richard is the name used by the Keystone Typefoundry for the Roman typeface when it was issued in 1919. It did not survive when Keystone merged with ATF that year. [Source: McGrew _American Metal Typefaces.._ p 255.] Luc Devroye makes one of his rare errors when he says that Poor Richard is based on Keystone's Benjamin Franklin. But that font is much heavier and with completely different letter-forms. The most similar font of the era is ATF's Parsons.
I checked the Red Rooster and Phils versions against the original and find that they seem to have caught the details of the design. The Phils has relatively larger capitals, compared to the lower case, than the Red Rooster. I have not checked the Beatty.