Product package names font


I have to finish product packaging mockup for a catalogue and my client didn't connect me wit the designer of the original package, and I must use the same font in my files. I hope that these two samples I scanned would be visible enough for you to decipher this font. I am banging my head whole day, without any clue.

Thank you in advance!


It looks like a manually compressed http://Tiepolo Black (Italic) by Arthur Baker [1987]

WOW! Thank you so much fvilanakis! I owe you this, big time! I wish I could do something for you.

I was completely desperate about this font. Now I will finish my job right on time.

Original font is Tiepolo Bold, but then it's had its outlines squished & slanted and generally mucked about with

And thank you too, Les ONeill! I really appreciate your answer.