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I used this in a logo 7 years ago and no longer have the files. The client needs some more work. Any help in identifying this would be much appreciated. The "E" and "S" are giveaways...

Used in this logo:



Duplicate. The answer so far is "Custom job based on Trajan".

This is a font out there - with a name. Yeah - it is based on Trajan, but I downloaded it from somewhere.

You are right Matt - It is: Lelf-noir-du-mal, freeware from Dafont.


That being said it is proably more than just based on Trajan

Opening the font in FontLab it says it is modified "Trajax" which is another clone of Trajan

OK, got it. I could only relay exactly what Bob said. Be careful with this one as some (many) letters have been ripped from Trajan or simply slightly edited.

Bojev - you are a prince! (and if not a man - the other way :) And Ryuk - thank you! You have done good - and I am grateful!