Rounded Serif Fonts


Hi - So despite some googling I cant quite find a category/genre or anything that will help me specifically search for what i describe as 'rounded serif fonts' - and example of a font that I am after but want to find similar versions of is:

Can anyone please refer me to any other fonts that they know of that share that would belong to the same 'rounded serif' category - or otherwise help define the category so I can search to better effect.

I only ever stumble across these fonts now and again but have trouble when I want to find legitimate versions with full families etc.



Don't know of a formal classification. Rounded Serif/Bulbous Serif works for me.
Here is a fairly comprehensive collection of fronts in this category that are known to be legitimate:
Brag by Schizotype
Gator Canada Type
Goudy Heavyface
Henriette Check out the unique terminal on the _r_. Now that is rounded! [Black is currently free]
Post Oldstyle as ITC Gorilla and in a smoothed version as Jamp Post JNL
ITC Souvenir
Robur Canada Type
Stratford EF
Westin Black