YA Book Cover (Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea)


Higher res image is attached; this is the book cover for "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" by April Genevieve Tucholke.

I've been able to identify the Yana Swash family for the words "Between the" "and the" and "Blue Sea." However, I am having a difficult time identifying the font/fonts for "Devil" and "Deep." Anyone able to help?

Much appreciated!


Laura Worthington's Yana looks pretty close to me, and playing with stylistic alternates it could even match.

Thanks, Ryuk. I had bought the Yana fonts, and stylistic alternates definitely work for "Between the," "and the," and "Blue Sea." But, I've scoured the glyph charts and nothing in the Yana fonts come close to the words "Devil" and "Deep"--not really even any similar letters that could be modified to match. Perhaps they are further customizations of the font, not sure. The second book in the series uses a different font for two words in the middle of the title just as this one does, which is what led me to believe these were separate fonts.

Thanks again, and if anyone has any additional insight, would appreciate it.

You're right. Thought with all the different styles, it could cover up the entire lettering. Seems I was wrong. Nevertheless, Yana remains a fair base for the missing letters, reworking terminals in a Tuscan-style and connections/ligatures between glyphs.

Thanks again, Ryuk!

No further insight, but just a note of congratulation to the designer for an outstanding modification of Laura Worthington's well crafted font. The twists and turns of the sharpened stokes suggest a story of tortured indecision and pull the viewer into a dangerous maze of razor wire. Don't know if there are any awards for this stuff, but this one would get my nomination.

Agree, Don! Thanks.

The way the letters in those two words intertwine seems beyond a font's expected capability. My thought is that those two words were both custom artwork. The two D's are different, and the E's in DEEP are not the same as the E in DEVIL.

- Mike Yanega