Ink Master Typeface


Need help finding out this typeface. Its used in the show Ink Master.


Closest I have is Centrum Compressed Medium but even if the source is reliable and legal, I still feel uncomfortable as it looks very close to Berthold City.
Alternatives: Robotik and Scriptek

Hi Ryuk, as for Centrum, from FontSite, I too have questions. FontSite has 343 font families at Fontspring, nothing at Myfonts. I checked Centrum at Identifont and it does not exist there.
This is all the info that Itentifont has on FontSite:
---start quote--
A Web site managed by Sean Cavanaugh and Joyce Lukaczer, it sells OpenType versions of several typefaces licensed from SoftMaker GmbH, as well as some original fonts.
Fonts published by FontSite:
Combi Numerals Ltd
Combi Numerals Pro
Combi Symbols
Combi Symbols CD
Combi Symbols DV
Combi Symbols PDA
---end quote---
The mention of SoftMaker GmbH is suspicious to me, but I don't know.
Does anyone have any good info on the legal status of the FontSite fonts?