1960's Poster


Trying to determine what the sans serif typeface is for "REGENSBERG" at the top as well as the script typeface at the bottom. Any help would be appreciated.


The script looks like http://Signal BQ by W. Wege [1931, Berthold]

Regensburg is close to News Gothic Demi from Bitstream

For 'REGENSBURG' I found Woolworth which looks pretty close. It is said Woolworth is "A modern sans serif typeface inspired by the early work of the Bauer type foundry". May be that could give a good track to find the original name of this font.
I like also Venus and Classic Grotesque.

Ryuk, Woolworth looks like a possible - I am not sold on Venus or Classic Grotesque.

Definitely, Bob. That why I say I like :)
They look to share the same approach to me, slightly condensed Grotesk with some 'high' counters.