Encode Sans v1 Released

Encode Sans v1 Released
Quick post. No pictures, no descriptions... just click the link and see for yourself

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Impressive. I like it.

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the hinting looks very good, how was it done?

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Tanks Renko!

Wow Mike, that's quite a compliment coming from someone with your hinting knowledge!
I assume you are talking about the downloadable TTF files, right? (The specimen are OTF). It's was done with the latest release of TTF Autohint, version 1.0. The parameters used are included in the Font Info.

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Great work on your Encode Sans typeface. Congratulations!

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Is it just me, or could this stand in for Antique Olive in text sizes on screen?

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Nice work, Pablo.

could this stand in for Antique Olive

That depends most of all on the eye of the beholder...

BTW, FWIW this is the "D" I'm seeing on my system:


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Thanks all :)

hrant, Once it gets included in GF, you will get the hinted TTF files delivered to your PC browser. The ones in the testing specimen are not even Woff files, just the full desktop OTF files linked directly in the CSS.

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Awesome! :)

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Thanks hrant. I've replaced the specimens OTF's for the TTF's, it should look something like this now:

Win7 + IE10 screenshot

Mac screenshot

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I'm on Windows-XP, so now I'm getting that typical y-direction aliasing (not your fault of course) but at least it's symmetrical. Thanks!


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