Sort of tattoo style font


Hello this is my first post here. So I hope I'm doing this right
I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what type of don't or any similar fonts near this?
I'm looking for the font in the title "ZIG-ZAG" [including the hyphen]. As well as the font for "Qualite Superior" which I believe is the same font as "Braunstein Freres" just the bottom lines seem they're just in bold.


The picture of "Zig-Zag man" shows a 19th century French soldier uniformed as a "Zouave." The French, British and Turks fought the Russians in Crimea in the 1850s -- an era when politicians were prepared to stand up for principle rather than to channel Neville Chamberlain and appease the Russian bully and aggressor.
At the battle of Sevastopol a Zouave's clay pipe was shattered by a bullet. So he rolled his tobacco using a piece of paper ripped from his gunpowder bag. Thus was born the filthy habit of cigarette smoking.
This package design is from before the era of digital fonts. The lettering of ZIG-ZAG is Victorian with median spurs, some Tuscan, i.e. fishtail, terminals on G, and some ball ornaments on G and Z.
The package label is widely counterfeited and I expect that someone might have made a font based on ZIG-ZAG. But I didn't find it.
For the Tuscan aspect, there are crisp renditions as Pointedly Mad
Saloon Girl and URW Woodtype