Corporate logo from TV show helix

Bitsumishi Pro Bold
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Michael Yanega

I ve been trying to identify this but i m starting to suspect it could be a custom designed font


For ARCTIC I would suggest http://Bitsumishi Pro Bold, with the A and R having a little surgery to remove a bit of the existing letters. The overall shape seems to match pretty well.

- Mike Yanega

You nailed it, it s the exact font, the A and R are actually lower cases.

The old free Bitsumishi is also usable, the font was stretched horizontaly + 162% for that logo .

Second line (BIOSYSTEMS) seems to be Helvetica LT Std Roman with tracking at +600 and horizontal stretch similar to the bitsumishi (Which show that Helvetica is really everywhere....)

Thanks a lot

ps: i was able to pretty much replicate the logo thanks to bowfinpw

Top original (and illustrator made some ungodly things to it :) )
Bottom replica