Fraktur typeface?


I have a font that I can not identify, if someone can help me, I did classify it in Fraktur category.


Shipping tags -- my dad used to have these in the 1950s. Clip art girl with permed short hair, 1920s to 1950s. Clearly not from the digital font era and perhaps not even photo-lettering. Agree 100% with your classification as Fraktur. Very unusual to find sloped Fraktur script. This is not in script section of Jaspert's _Type encyclopaedia (1970)_. Worth digging further.

Not identical, but has some similarity Fin Fraktur Italic

Slope this one and you are almost there.
Plakat Fraktur. This is a Dieter Steffmann font so I suspect it may be a rip of digital work done by someone else. Need to see if we can find an assured legitimate source for the typeface.

When I saw the posting on Briar Press, I was convinced that someone from the entire world would know something about this typeface, people on forums are usually able to solve these mysteries. So far from all the sites I posted the picture, just you reply in this forum.
I sent a message to Mr. Unger Ralph,, wait for reply.
Keep in touch and good luck!

Delia Petrescu

Here is Plakat Fraktur by Peter Weigel
My loose translation of Peter Weigel's description, which I trust is an improvement over the Google machine: Poster Fraktur is a representative commercial font from the early 20th century. It is striking and bold, and is designed for advertising. I have supplemented the font with ligatures and used the UNZ1 coding. This font is free for personal use only. [This font is based on Deiter Steffmann's digital font, so I still don't know what is legitimate.]