Fraktur used on new Teardo/Bargeld EP


Brand new EP, not seen this particular Fraktur before. Distinct flat horizontal cut terminal on lowercase g and 60° teardrop dot on i. Lovely S too.


Closest thing I can find is some kind of Leipzig/Leipziger Fraktur.

I note from that you are familiar with the big collection of Fraktur by Gerhard Helzel
I expect that you may be familiar with most or all of the foundries on the following short list -- I have not checked them for this particular design:
Alter Littera
Delbanco Frakturschriften
Ralph Unger at RMU and, with others, at Profonts
as well as the standard Fraktur offerings from the major foundries, which can be readily fond by using the "fraktur" tag at Myfonts.
Luc Devroye's page on Blackletter fonts
is an outstanding source for possible matches.
Perhaps it is recent from one of the smaller European foundries?
If all of this fails, you could always ask the designer/producer of the EP.

Thanks! I’m familiar with all of those sites but had frankly forgotten about Alter Littera.

I’m now pretty sure this is the extra bold weight of Leipzig Fraktur by Peter Wiegel. There appear to be some “expand stroke” artifacts in that weight.


Hi John, I believe you are correct.
Here is Leipzig Fraktur Bold by Peter Wiegel, made heavier by applying a 10 point parallel line.

The top part shows an individual letter. The original bold is in black. The expanded stroke in red.
The bottom part shows the preview results for the phrase. This looks identical to your image except for some rough spots which can easily be edited.