tribal? sans serif clean font

snootchie bootchies
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Fivos Vilanakis

I want to say this used to be a Formatt, Chartpak or Letraset font and if memory serves the D had a dot in the middle of it. I have looked through the catalogs I had but think this font came out just before they quit printing them.


I found a font named Snootchie Bootchies which looks like a good match - only /T is a bit different.
The copyright says "Rev. Josh Wilhelm 2000" but I don't have any other info and I can't find any legitimate source to acquire it.

If you want to check the old catalogs, the only one on your list that I have is Letraset 1985. A quick glance through it did not show a match.

"Snootchie Bootchies" must mean something to the English. Here as the phrase in the famous "Keep Calm" poster format

WOW! Thank You very much. I did some searching and downloaded it from I do remember that T being "not wanted" and "fixed" as per the boss but I do not remember that name. It certainly would have stood out just like "Belching up Salisbury Steak" which I used to sneak in art files as live text just so some artist or out-putter would have to call me and ask for the font. As it turns out in my searching I came across Jsh Wilhelm and an association with "Spork Thug Typography" on along with a few others. He apparently is very creative with his names and guess what? He is responsible for Belching up salisbury steak! crazy!!!! Thank You very Much!!!