Need suggestion for a pair of fonts as well as colors

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Need suggestion for a pair of fonts as well as colors

Hi all,

I have a project called "Phil's Tour", which is me, Philippe, touring Europe and producing a TV show of weekly episodes released on it's own YouTube channel. I will spend one week in a region of a country trying to uncover a hidden treasure. I mean by that, an artist, someone who perpetuates a very old tradition or someone who has a peculiar passion. The uniqueness of the show resides in the fact that I will not visit any cities and will focus exclusively on tiny villages and the countryside.

I am now building a website (that will later link to a Kickstarter page) using GoDaddy's website builder. So far it is perfect for me who possesses zero knowledge in programming.

Another area where I have zero knowledge is in design, thus this post.

What would feel right, font-wise, for the tour's website, keeping in mind that my show will be light, warm and familiar?

Also, would it be a good idea to go for a pair of fonts or stick with one and utilize an all caps version for titles?

My budget is very limited, so I can't lie and would love it if your suggestions rely on fonts included in Windows ;)


I would like to take this opportunity and ask you about choosing the official colors of my projects. I don't really have a preference except that it should be a choice that reflects the three qualities described above.

Thank you for your time.


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Cool project.

First of all: don't use all-caps for titling; choose a good text font, and a good harmonious display font for larger sizes.

BTW you don't have to stick to "system fonts" – luckily there are a number of good free fonts out there these days (although do be careful of the lion's share of bad ones). One great place to look is Typographica's annual round-up of favorites... although actually few of those are free. The last two years:

Colors: we're a monochrome crowd around here :-) but hopefully you'll get some good suggestions.


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Avoid Pantone’s “color of the year”, Radiant Orchid, it’s ghastly.
Actually, I don’t discriminate on the basis of color, but Radiant Orchid is, IMO, difficult to work with.

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Colours... how about something based on the LNER Tourist Livery? I think it's roughly colours #225 (Light Brunswick Green) and #352 (Pale Cream) on the following page: