Criticize it!!

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la idea es transformar al tipico peroo vago chileno que abunda por las calles de santiago en una atraccion turistica, el proyecto va dirigido a los turistas y sera aplicado en souvenires

the idea is to transform the typical chilean tramp dog (that you meet in every place in Santiago) into a turist atraction, the proyect points to the tourists and the logo will be applied on souvenirs

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cuantaspatas tiene un perro?
cuantas patas tiene un brincol

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Whoa...two separate international stray dog organizations both are designing a logo the same week and both end up at Typophile for critique days apart?

The universe is funny sometimes.

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Hola, triton?

voy a escribirte en ingles para que todos entiendan.

Darrel is right, is very funny to find two similars organizations in such a small country like Chile, the both of you know each other?

i think that your dog has a very friendly face, even though you will have to correct the number of legs, you have a good base in it.

About QUILTRO CHILENSIS i like the type you used, but it don't shows the "sudaca" spirit a QUILTRO has, i mean that this solution i can find it anywhere. Anyway, if you insist in using it be carefull with the E in CHILENSIS, it can be confuzed with an F.

Maybe you can tell us more on how a QUILTRO will turn into a touristic atraction, i am very courious.

nice job anyway


PD. maybe you can find a typographic language in PAncho Galvez s Antillanca.

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here are two more posibilities... please help us in our design!!! thanmkssssss

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te voy a enumerar perros de los que te puedes influenciar:

oddy (de garfield)
2 stupids dogs
la dama y el vagabundo
washinon(de condorito)
rasca (de barrabases)
scoobie doo
don graff

si te das cuenta, todos esos perros tienen cara de perro, cuerpo de perro, cola de perro y patas de perro.

Si no eres ilustrador, nunca podr

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I like the dog illustrations much better in the second round, particularly the first of the two. The second dog looks like it is urinating on the "T". Can I assume this is unintentional? The red isn't doing anything for me.


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