A font that SUBTLY reminds the viewer of a tropical jungle


Dear font lovers,
I'm looking for a font a musical project base in south east asia, and i am looking for a font that would remind the viewers about jungle without being too straight forward (i mean not likes indiana jones, or not with bones).
Or not any of the following:



I thought the one kingdom beer chose was very good, i am therefore looking for a similar one.

Thank you very much for reading, and for helping if you can


Angkor Dream Hotel
This one is not too bad also.

What do you all think? Anything similar?

Many Thanks

Not to bad at all!
But i would be looking for something that looks more "mysterious"...
The perfect example still is the kingdom beer logo


Thanks again

If you want something like the Kingdom Beer letters, then you are looking for something called a spurred Latin. Here is one, wider than the Kingdom Beer letters but in the same spurred Latin style, Mariamne, by a great designer Alex Kaczun,
Also Bolyar Ornate http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/fontmaker/fm-bolyar-ornate/
BTW I really like the Angkor Dream Hotel letters. Are they from a sign? Do you have any more of these letters/