Typeface of InStyle masthead


What is the typeface of the InStyle magazine masthead?? Sans serif…


Those of us who don't have a copy of InStyle magazine sitting in front of us need an image to answer your question.

InStyle masthead has been designed by Jim Parkinson. As said on this page, it's a "Refinement and finishing of a design by Rip Georges. It's based on a 1895 type specimen and first appeared on the first issue." A very close alternative would be Ronsard Crystal Bold.

‘1895 specimen’ sounds interesting … I only knew this typeface as ‘Industria’, designed by Hermann Zehnpfund for the type foundry Emil Gursch in Berlin from 1910 to 1913. The foundry was taken over by Berthold who added more weights in 1920 and 1923. Here is a reference on the website of the Klingspor museum.