D in Dynamo logo


Looking for a script in the style of the D in the Dynamo, Minsk logo, particularly with a similar broken-script sharp transition in the vertical stroke. Thanks.


Except for the broken-script sharp transition in the vertical stroke -- which is what I am hoping exists somewhere as a font or lettering -- the base letter looks similar to Inserat Cursive, as shown in Nick Curtis's Graphic Stylin NF http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/nicksfonts/graphic-stylin-nf/
Any ideas?

Sorry, Don. That D looks rather clunky to me and I don't remember seeing one like it before.

Hi Mike, thanks for your reply. I know it's a hand lettered logo -- perhaps from 1927? -- but I thought it worth plumbing the depths of knowledge of our resident font detectives. Never know what surprises could uncovered unless I ask.