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Hinting for Beginners

hopefully some one can help, would like to understand the very basics of hinting. im using font lab.

I assume that when you click autohint you get the green guides that show the letter stokes on the vertical and horizontal axis and a small number which again im assuming it the width of that stroke, for a letterform that has no stroke contrast should these be all the same?

e.g, a letter "b" the vertical ascender on left is 28 the vertical of the bowl on right is 27 the top of bowl is 27 and bottom is 28. would i convert these to be all equal?

and a sub question, can you, (and if s how can you) get the green hint guides for the diagonals like on a cap "A"

would appreciate any help in 'laymans' terms. :-)

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You're in luck. Adam Twardoch just posted a tutorial on hinting in FLS 5 a couple of days ago. You can find it here.