OldStyle Serif Gothic - Calligraphic lettering


Hello Fellow Typophiles,

Quick bit of help needed here. Trying to ID This typeface ( if it's not custom ) ...

It's an OLD STYLE Serif face, with a calligraphic flair and hand-scribed feel. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS ?

Looking for this exact Face or something similar :)

Many thanks in advance !



Similar to Fondamento, a calligraphic lettering style "based on the traditional Foundational Hand, a basic teaching style created by Edward Johnston in the early 20th century" by Astigmatic. Available as a Google Web font http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Fondamento
Still looking for an exact match.

Thank you DonShotType... Fondamento is a good start to the search. :)

Maybe it's just my eyes, but the serifs on the two H's look a little different. If that's true, this is very well-drawn lettering, and not a font.

- Mike Yanega

You might be right Mike, I can't spot the difference but the scale of the image is small so it might be there. I note that a an exactly matching font has not been found by now. I infer from this that it might not exist, at least in a version available to the public.
Perhaps the best way to get a matching digital set of capitals would be to have a calligrapher hand letter them and scan the set for making a font or for vector outlines to use in Illustrator. The missing letters would not seem to be a major problem. The letter-forms in Fondamento could be adapted to this variation of Foundational Hand.