Custom Hand written font or Commercial Script?


I'm hoping to possibly identify the font in this VS ad for the words "Angels Only".
My guess is that it may be a custom hand written font, but unsure and hoping to ID this font, or if not, something very similar. Thank you.


2 different /l and /n... Most probably handwritten...

there are few similar fonts of aroung 95% matching; I have a feeling that font is taking and then slimmed manually to wrote this.

1. 5th Grade Cursive

2. Discipuli Britannica

3. Janda Elegant Handwriting Font

Far from perfect (but I hope closer than the previous ones) but I like Quickpen and La Carte.

Thanks for the help, it's highly appreciated. I'm looking for the openness and carefree feel that is in the script of the VS ad. It seems that Quickpen may just fit the bill with that same feel. Thanks again!