Handwritten style, please help



To me, it looks all hand-done, meaning "not-a-fonts". Alternatives: La Chic (for 'SAVE DATE') and Wonderhand (for the rest)

This style reminds me of the work of Emily Connors, whose foundry called Emily Lime has issued a number of delightful scripts that are showing up a lot these days. She does her s's this way. See http://Carolyna Pro for the most similar style she has released.

Once again, I agree with Ryuk that this is probably hand-drawn, but I am trying to contact Emily Connors to see if she does this sort of thing as custom work.

- Mike Yanega

By the way, making a rubber stamp out of something like this is a clever idea. Can you tell us where you found this image?

- Mike Yanega

Thanks! A stamp is a great idea for these short run handmade items!
Sorry I haven't got a reference for the image source anymore – random google search findings...

Google reverse image search found it easily enough, and confirms it's hand-lettered: