Looking for the font that the address is written in (not the handwritten calligraphy). Gorgeous isn't it?

Have a Nice Day
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Michel Boyer


There have been other posts about this company who makes these hand-drawn rubber stamps. My opinion is that this work is not a font, but that these stamps are made from a hand-drawn original. I think this is at least very similar to the script fonts sold by Emily Lime foundry, which are drawn by Emily Connors.

You can find her work at MyFonts.com. Carolyna is one that shows many similarities, I think.

- Mike Yanega

Mike, I think she is asking about the address line, not the script/handwritten ;)

Oooops! Sorry. That was the question before. Not reading, Mike...

Looking at the Emily Lime fonts, like http://Emmy, I see similar numbers and letterforms, just made more casually. If this is her work, which is my current theory, this sans serif font is a more polished version she uses for the stamp line.

- Mike Yanega

I think it is Have a nice day.

You guys are amazing