Please identify this font face - its at least 10 years old


Trying to find out this old-ish typeface, can anyone recognise this font?


Anyone? Even parts of the font from certain font family?
Have tried What the font and other websites with no luck..really keen to find out.

It has a strong resemblance to Classic Roman, although the legs on the K are not quite the same. The serifs are small to begin with, and may not be relevant if this was drawn with the typeface as a model.

- Mike Yanega

Mike mentions "drawn." AFAIK this was indeed the method used to make quality business cards until relatively recently. The drawing was in the form of engraving. This may be explained in part by the fact that very thin typefaces were subject to damage during the metal-type era. BTW, I agree with Mike that Monotype's Classic Roman is a good choice for a substitute. If you want a closer approximation, you could copy the sweeping leg on _R_ to _K_.

It's a sans-serif, reminiscent of the New Yorker, so a serif face I've found with a similar flourish on the N is not a match...

Flinsch Ehmcke Antiqua, from 1909.

And here's something else similar:

VERY useful information here!
I will be doing more investigation based on your comments, if anyone's got anything else to add please do!