Curly, cute font reminiscent of Janda Quirky Girl w-a hint of Papyrus. Called "CRM" but nothing like normal CRM


I saw this font in a 2014 wedding invitation. I was told the name the font is CRM, but this font doesn't seem from the CRM family at all. Image search for CRM give the expected CRM-related results.


Most of their fonts are commercial fonts and they did not change the names. I was going to suggest http://Sunnydale as a similar font, but I see that is also one of their other fonts at

I could not find this at any freebie sites, which I looked at because the font seemed amateurish to me. It's possible it is something they made themselves, as that kind of font can be made very cheaply.

- Mike Yanega

Do you know of any similar font that can be found at a paid site? I couldn't find anything remotely similar anywhere. I would be willing to pay for something similar!

Thank you!

Didn't you think Sunnydale was similar? (in my previous post) That was the closest commercial font I found.

- Mike Yanega

Thank, you, Mike. They do have elements in common, sure, but Sunnydale seems to a lot more casual. CRM has a lot of personality, but it -at the same time- neater. Is interesting that the same prnter has another font that is very reminiscent of CRM, which they call painType. Couldn't find that one anywhere either!