from the book 'Edvard Munch: Behind the Scream' by Sue Prideaux

Sabon LT
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Maybe Sabon? (But... which one?) 'Click to Look Inside', then choose Table of Contents or First Pages to reach the text samples. Thank you!


Looks to me like a common or garden Linotype Sabon.

Numbers look different, right? Well, maybe you're right. Just found this Sabon Roman SC & OSF inside the Sabon LT family which looks like the one. Thanks.

The number in the book are indeed old-style (hanging) figures. In the fonts I linked to, these glyphs can be accessed by activating the relevant OpenType feature. Click on the gear symbol in the Tester tab on the FontShop site and you will see that you can switch small caps on and off as well as toggle between figure styles. Some software will allow you to make use of this functionality on your computer, some other will not. Here is some information on that. If the application you use does not support advanced typographic features, you will need to fall back on separate fonts in which small caps are in lowercase slots and old-style figures are default.

Solved! Thank you so much for your helpful explanations.

You’re welcome!