Disney's Sleeping Beauty VHS title

Old English Text
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Michael Yanega


As described, am I trying to figure out what font in the title is used of
the VHS version of Disney's Sleeping Beauty. As far as I know is this the only version where a more distinct Gothic typeface is used.

In the url a sample:


Before I contact the Disney Studio's themselves or Buena Vista Home Entertainment (if they still exist), I want to ask you guys.

Thanx in advance!


Usually the Disney artists adapt existing designs for their purposes. This looks like a simplified rendition of http://Old English Text.

- Mike Yanega

Thanx for the quick reply.

Old English typeface makes sense, sinds its about legend of Arthur.
Good to know that Disney Artists in general make deviations from
existing fonts.

The title from Hunchback of Notre Dame i did find at What the Font
but the one from Sleeping Beauty i didnt.

Maybe more spacing between characters in my image?
He didnt recognised it, and the Old English type is to be found on My Fonts, so...