Supreme Court Facade Lettering


At first glance, I thought "Trajan." However, I saw it on film and when looking at the lettering in a static pic, it was revealed to be something else. It appears to be a sort of simple flared serif, but the flare is heavier and begins some distance from the tip of the lettering.

What seemed simple to match has not been so and now I respectfully request any assistance that can be offered. Thank you!


here is the facade lettering with my adjustments to perspective and rearranged to fit typophiles narrow picture format.

The U.S. Supreme Court Building was designed by architect Cass Gilbert around 1930. It was still the practice in that era for major architects to create at least one original version of the Roman letters on the ancient Trajan column, and to include them in major projects. Many of these have not been translated to modern digital fonts.
For a discussion of the Trajan column letters see
For a selection of alternatives to the "Trajan" font see
As for the best fit, take your pick.
The _J_ seems somewhat out of place. Almost as if it was made from _U_ with the lhs trimmed to fit.


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