Wedge serif bold


Here is a link to many design samples from a particular illustrator that uses this font:

I've been on Myfonts for hours and have not been able to find this mystery font...


I can't find a exact match either.
Some similar:
http://Indubitably NF by Nick Curtis [2000]
http://Goblin by Riccardo De Franceschi [2011] part of Google Web Fonts

Very close, except for the leg on R, is a new font, Sergio FY Black Three weights, italics, ornaments. For some reason this reminds me of a spaghetti western.
The wedge or triangular serifs originated with a 19th century font category called "Latin."
You might also like the somewhat similar font Latin CT "With six widths (from Extra Condensed to Wide), Latin CT offers the most extensive collection of Latin fonts available, each with a large character set that includes support for all European languages including those that use the Cyrillic alphabet."
There almost certainly other Latin fonts that are close matches.

quite similar


Thanks everyone, that was very helpful! Goblin (Google Fonts) is the closest look to the searched for font, as it's elongated and the wedges are not as large as some of the others mentioned. Thanks for the info on the Latin category in general, interesting to view all of these and see the variations. I learned something new here.