Wind in the Willows First Edition 1908 Cover


I've been trying to identify this lettering, and while I seem to find the right "W", I can't seem to get a single match that is right for everything --especially the "H" and the "S." Any ideas? (And thanks for anything that might be offered!)


Hand lettering in the style of the era. Note the variations in repeating letters.
The beaked terminals on _T_ and _S_ are distinctive, but are found in some fonts of the 1900s. Also with _E_ similar to the title. For example check the fonts at Greater Albion Typefounders and you might find something you like. Note the similarities with Bonning, Bonaventure and Vertrina.
Other similars include Canada Type's Ronaldson and Intellecta's Benjamin Franklin


Thank you! I am sure to find what is needed from what you have offered. I noted the variation, but never thought about hand lettering. It is a lesson for me to better consider the period of the piece.

With my regards,