Kinfolk Magazine Font - spread


What Sans Serif font is used in this spread? I really like the combination between the sans serif and serif font.
I'm looking for the font used in " instant extraction" in the image below. And if one can tell me what Serif font is used in the sentence "Spotlight on......Tokyo" I would be so greatefull!



As it's definitely too small for my eyes, I'd only risk very common ones: Trade Gothic Condensed Bold (or Alternate Gothic) and Caslon Italic

Whats the sans font used for "coffee"?

Here's a closer look at another article from the same magazine. This should help to better ID the serif. Definitely looks like some Caslon to me as Ryuk suggested.

I know this is a little late in replaying, but after checking out whatthefont there's definitely a match for Adobe Garamond Pro. Here are some of the results: