This SCRIPT needs a name


Can anyone put a name to this font? Or maybe suggest something similar to it.


http://Delicious Pro is close.

- Mike Yanega

Funny because of this /J, can't stop thinking of Bickham Script...

It turns out this is a custom design logo from the 1920's era.

Both suggestions are somewhat close to my request, thank you. I going to have to redraw this one.

Shawn, it would have been helpful to know the age of the sample, but we probably would have given the same answers. Ryuk, that J was similar but the lower loop was a different shape in Bickham.

- Mike Yanega

Mike, I agree the age of the sample would have been helpful, but it was unknown at the time. I will put this thought into consideration on any future request. Again, thank you for your replies.