A serif font for vintage modern website text?


I need to select fonts to give a new business a specific vintage look and feel. Of course, we hope to create - as much as possible - a unified presentation for a variety of venues including letterhead, e-mail, e-commerce website (viewable on desktop, tablet and smartphone), print catalog, and collateral materials.

In addition to a unified look, the other interest was in selecting fonts to create a memorable impression for the business. We would like the lettering to stand out enough that people might notice it is something a little different –and yet be able to read it with ease.

The present product logo uses Benguiat which, while a “young” font, was used to convey a product with qualities circa 1900 –a little art nouveau and a little arts & crafts. A company logo is still to be designed, but the present thinking was to use Benguiat again to convey the relationship between product brand and maker. The website design target is essentially vintage modern –basically how a turn of the century business might have designed a website (had the internet existed at the time).

My understanding had been that “serif is for print and sans serif is for electronic media.” If so, then having a single vintage serif font for text use in print and electronic media would not work.

Please let me know if the use of serif fonts is still viewed as restricted to print. If not, then I would appreciate hearing any suggestions for an appropriate serif font for us to use “everywhere.” If a separate sans serif font is needed for electronic media, I would also appreciate hearing any suggestions for it along with a “serif partner” for print. (BTW - I do not think a single sans serif will work aesthetically for both print and web.)

Thank you for your input! (And sorry for the length of this, but it seemed best to provide the particulars.)


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Mike - Thanks sincerely for taking the time and making the effort to help me better present this question!

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