60's Soundtrack Album Font


Does anyone have a guess at this big "G", or something close? I actually need the letter "O" in this font...

Also, what font is making up "General Music"?



The "G" looks hand drawn in Illustrator - trace it and use two halves to make an "O". As close as I can get for General Music is: MKaputt-Expanded from Dafont


Photolettering era, when fonts were expanded, contracted etc. with ease.
Take a look at Filmotype Manchester http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/filmotype/manchester/ expand the width and see the similarities, except for the different leg on R. Dig and there might be an exact match from a photo-lettering outfit, which was photo-stretched for the music label.

I'll offer one too: Mickey Rossi, NotANumber

Good find Dick. Looks like Mickey Rossi has provided the stretched font. I note that he puts it in his "recreations" category. I wonder what he used as a source. Presumably one of the photolettering outfits? BTW, _Flytrap Wide_ looks like a lighter weight of _Not a Number_.
The majority of his sources are familiar, eg _Level Fourteen Druid_ is the circa 1900 _Primitive_, _Barbender Bold_ is _Pump_, and _Flanders Ride_ is _Salut_ with a bonus italic. But some others, including the two stretched sans, are not obvious.
Interesting collection.

Oh. I thought "recreations" were those resulting from "playing around".

Good find Dick - would love to know the source for the " recreation", wonder if Manfred Klein used the same one for his version that i found - his is more grunge.