JollyGood Sans- another comic sans alternative

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JollyGood Sans- the sensible alternative to the font that must not be named.

(I know I'm late to the game- After more than a years' work, Comic Neue beat me by a few weeks :( )

A while ago I decided to stop mocking comic sans and instead do something about it. I created JollyGood Sans as a replacement that would keep the fun, informal, handmade feel of CS, but with a more polished look (seriously, have you taken a close look at the capital H in CS?).

The result is a family of 11 fonts (more on the pipeline) that are legible, web-friendly, and have very complete character sets, including ligatures and alternate letterforms.

I hope it gives designers an alternative for when a comicsans-ish touch is needed.

JollyGood Basic is free, the rest are 60% off for a limited time.

JollyGood Fonts

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This stands on its own merits, which is so much better than just starting with Comic Sans and correcting the most obvious problems as Comic Neue did.

You may want to double-check the webfonts; as they appear on your site there are some strange artifacts, most notably a mangled "e" in Light.

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Thanks! I think I finally fixed that pesky "e".

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That lowercase 'g' is rather fun!:

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Lowercase g is my favorite glyph in general ;)

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Indeed, it's the only seriously challenging Latin glyph (in its binocular form).


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I find the unicase interesting, even if I'm not sure about some choices.

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