Medieval style script on hanging sign


I've tried Identifont, and the pictures are not clear enough for What Font Is , and What The Font has not responded all afternoon with this, or another request so I must relent and ask for some expert help.
2 images same sign, differing qualities, they are all I have to work with with mock up deadline tomorrow. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. The closest I have found are Miles, Macbeth, and Tempas Sans ITC and all of those are still way off.
The word Salon seems to be the same font as Styles By Glenda but maybe stretched a bit.


It looks like Dorovar Carolus by Casady & Greene [1988-91]
According to Luc Devroye, the company is permanently out of business since July 2003 and the fonts are now probably in the public domain:

On July 3, 2003, Casady&Greene closed it doors permanently. However, one of its designers, Mike Wright, writes: I believe that all the fonts that were developed by the company are now in the public domain. Robin Casady and I are thinking of putting up a site with free downloads of all of the old C&G public domain fonts--mainly as a way of attracting Mac users to see iData 2.

The actual font used in your design could be a clone of Dorovar Carolus called http://Carolingia by William Boyd [available as a free font at]

Dorovar Carolus is an exact match on everything but the capital G, the sign has a cross bar on the G where the font doesn't. That could have been added by the sign maker to make the G more pronounced. I am going to mock up with this font, thank you so very much for your assistance. Admin may mark this thread as solved.

Thank you very much!!