It's sort of like DIN but different


... with a single story 'a', tailless 't', serif-footed '1' and '4' with a closed top



sorry - here's a better resolution img.

Looks like some version of Avant Gard Condensed , maybe Elsner+Flake version.

Hmmm. That works for the 't' and figures, but the 'D', 'a' and 'p' above are more rectilinear than the Avant Gard Cond. version.


Look at a different version - Elsner and Flake's is more rectilinear (could also be messed with width etc)


not square enough.

The type is "out of the box" & would be used in the sample above on departure monitors. That much I know.

Could it be Ciutadella?

Good find Ryuk - sure looks like Ciutadella and it is more square than my thought.

nailed it!

Thanks Bob and Ryuk!.

Congratulations Ryuk. This certainly looks like the elusive squared adaptation of Avant Garde/Futura.