Baskerville but not really


Sample from a book printed 1923, in Sweden. "g" is Baskerville like. The rest is not.

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The Font is actually "Scotch Roman MT (Roman)" . Also available at Adobe.


Hello Hash!

Scotch is close but still not it. Look at the a and g fx....


Scotch Roman may be as close as we can get in digital type - nothing else seems to fit the basic shapes.

Yes your curled _g_ is very similar to the Monotype Baskerville of 1924, which is more or less matched by the digital Baskerville Old Face and the rest is similar to Scotch Roman. So I suggest this hybrid design may be a Swedish original, or perhaps an import from a German foundry. Stempel? Nothing digital that I recognize.

Thanks for your input. I finally got time to flip through the encyclopædia and, voilà,

Its called Serie 16 and is;

"A modern face with rather shirt ascenders and descenders, The Q has the tail entirely outside the bowl. The italic, as frequently in French type, has the serifs of the roman. The Linotype version is called No. 61."


Congratulations John. Jaspert's _Type Encyclopaedia_ continues to be a great resource for type finding. But so time consuming to use. The only way to search it is to start with _a_ and trudge though to _z_ for its very broad type categories. Sometimes you have to do more than one because a typeface ends up where you would not expect it to be.