ID the fonty


Hello good people.

Can you ID this nice font for me. It looks really similar but I can't put a name on it.



Perhaps Ambrosia?

Asteroid Primo SG is one version – although it's likely based on a Victorian source I'm sure someone else can bring up :)

Jim Spiece is not very forthcoming as to his source for the design for Asteroid Primo. Asteroid Primo One, it is very similar to LHF Ambrosia. Dan X. Solo used the term Asteroid, but he was known for renaming old typefaces. Perhaps Ambrosia is the 1900ca name for this design? I don't recall it as an ATF design but it might be in one of type specimen books from another foundry. Whatever it was called, here it is in an engraved version used in a Brooklyn liquor license from about the 1890s