Stuck with this one.

Any clues?

Thanks for your time guys


Looks like Eagle Bold http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/fontbureau/eagle/ except for the _G_. Eagle Bold was the signature font for the US WPA/NRA of the 1930s. It has been the inspiration for several similar fonts including Naked Power Black by Typodermic http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/typodermic/naked-power/ which has a _G_ in the Futura style of the image. Still looking for an exact match. Failing that, Eagle Bold would work as an approximation if the _G_ was edited.
A little lighter weight , but also worth trying, Hurme Geometric Sans Black http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/hurme-design/hurme-geometric-sans/ http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/hurme-design/hurme-geometric-sans-2/
Dark enough, but misses the mark on several counts Telefon Black http://www.identifont.com/find?font=telefon+black&q=Go

I agree with Don's suggestion of Eagle, as an Art Deco type that has a similar look. Mark Simonson also has a font family that includes much of the Art Deco vocabulary in the form of alternates for his http://Mostra Nuova family. See the Bold Alt D variant for the closest match.

- Mike Yanega

I really thought it was HI Neutraface No.2 Display Titling but even if some letters look pretty spot on (/A, /S, /R, /N...) they are obviously some off (/M centre vertex even with the alternate, /G crossbar transition...). After some diggin', I finally found the origin of these samples. It comes from (Star)W(ood) Hotels identity and it's actually their (new) corporate typeface called 'W Sans New'. I'm still convinced it's based on Neutraface No. 2 Display Titling though.

Good digging Ryuk. WSansBold looks like a 100% match.


Thanks Don. The design of 'W Sans New' is attributed to Chester Jenkins of Village/Constellation.


Thanks everyone.

Nice find Ryuk. Appreciate the digging.

Downside is its probably not commercially available is it? Cant seem to find a place to get it.


You might ask Chester Jenkins for the terms under which he made the font for W. If he sold them the rights for forever you are out of luck. If he sold them an exclusive license for a limited number of years you might be able to purchase the right to use a copy after that period. If I understand correctly, he copyrighted the font in 2011. Three years have already passed.

Don't think it is commercially available and actually (nothing personal of course don't want to sound offending :), I don't get the point to buy (and so reuse) a font that has been specifically done for a company. And for this case, you could easily go with Neutraface No.2 :) and if you like this kind of fonts, we could probably compile a good list. We already have Don and Mikes's excellent suggestions of Eagle and Mostra Nuova.