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revival of Pretorian
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Bob Evans

Can someone please assist with identifying this typeface?

Thank you for the help!


Could be a commercial version, but looks like Storybook

Storybook from Dafont
Pretoria Normal from Adobe
both appear to be stretched and condensed

The original typeface is an Art Nouveau one shown in the Petzendorfer book from Dover Books. The typeface name was "Pretorian" from the London firm of P. M. Shanks & Sons.

Intellecta Design has a font based on this called http://Pretoria Gross, which includes various ornamental treatments using the letters, as well as the plain black and outline versions of the typeface.

Another is called http://Pretorian DT by DTP Types. It has 4 versions.

FontBank had a version called "Vivian", and Serials (or whatever they are called now) had a family called "Pretoria".

- Mike Yanega

Thank you all very much.

Very helpful.