Business card font ID request (image attached)


Can someone please ID the font used in this business card? I'd really appreciate the help.



Thnx for replying Ryuk.

Stone Sans is indeed very close but i don't believe it to be the font used on the business card...the "@" is a bit different also the numerals and italics seem to be a bit different as well...

With the exception of "@" which looks a bit different,
all letters & numerals look like a perfect match to ITC Stone Sans

As you can see in their PDFs, the corporate typeface of Papyrus is Papyrus Sans. Once you look closely, it proves to be just a customised Stone Sans. And the @ in this version looks exactly like the one on the business card.

Interesting to see that the newer Stone Sans ii uses the Roman '@' for the italics face, unlike the older the basic Stone Sans that R. linked.

- Mike Yanega

ITC StoneSans it is....

Thank you all for the great help!